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At TKO Social Media & Marketing, the name is more than just a clever play on initials. It's inspired by the boxing term "total knockout," which perfectly encapsulates their approach to social media and marketing. Just like a skilled boxer delivers a knockout punch, TKO empowers their clients with the tools and strategies to achieve remarkable success on social media.

Just as a knockout victory leaves opponents stunned, TKO's services leave their clients' competitors in awe. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, TKO delivers nothing short of knockout results in the digital arena.

By leveraging their expertise in social media and marketing, TKO equips their clients with the necessary skills and resourcees to dominate their online presence. Just like a boxer trains relentlessly to achieve victory, TKO works tirelessly to develop personalized strategies that align with each client's unique goals and brand identity.

Through expertly crafted content and strategic planning, TKO ensures their clients' social media presence packs a powerful punch. Their focus on understanding the individual needs of each client ensures that their approach is tailored for success.

With TKO in their corner, clients can step into the ring of social media with confidence, knowing they have a winning team behind them. TKO's commitment to helping businesses thrive is evident in the remarkable results they consistently deliver.

So, whether you're just starting on your social media journey or seeking to elevate your current presence, TKO Social Media & Marketing is here to deliver the total knockout experience. Embrace their expertise and prepare for a resounding victory in the digital world. TKO is the key to unlocking your true potential and reigning supreme on social media. Get ready to experience knockout success with TKO!


Founder and Lead Strategist


Born and raised in the vibrant province of Alberta, Tarryn was born in Calgary and raised in Edmonton, which she calls home. When it comes to the Battle of Alberta, there's no doubt where her loyalty lies - cheering passionately for the Edmonton Oilers is a non-negotiable part of her identity.

Growing up with three brothers, Tarryn learned the value of resilience and determination early on. This upbringing forged a strong connection to the underdogs, inspiring her to champion small businesses in their battle against the giants of the market. With a relentless spirit, Tarryn embarks on a mission to help these businesses thrive in the digital landscape through expert social media strategies.

Outside the world of marketing, Tarryn finds joy in adventurous escapades with her husband and spending time with her family (she dubs herself the cool aunt, but her nieces and nephews think she is more the crazy aunt). At home, she and her husband share their lives with two adorable feline companions - Maria Lemieux and Coachella, and a delightful canine companion named Pixar. Tarryn is unapologetically the proudest fur mama, eager to share countless pictures of her furry family members with anyone willing to listen.

Customer service is the heart and soul of Tarryn's approach to business. Understanding that exceptional service is the key to success in today's world, she goes above and beyond to provide her clients with nothing less than the best. Whether crafting compelling social media content or devising strategies tailored to each client's needs, Tarryn is determined to make a lasting impact and drive tangible results.

With a passion for small businesses, a love for furry friends, and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Tarryn is a force to be reckoned with in the social media realm. Her enthusiasm for elevating businesses and connecting with people shines through in everything she does.

So, if you're seeking a social media ally who understands the power of genuine connections and personalized strategies, Tarryn is your go-to guide. Get ready to navigate the digital landscape with a partner who's as devoted to your success as she is to cheering for the Oilers. Let Tarryn lead the charge, and watch your business thrive in the vast world of social media.

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